Dallas Keith Animal Mineral and Feed Supplements

At Dunmor Agri Country Store, we have a selection of Dallas Keith Products.

Saltlix Buckets – options available include High Trace Cattle, High Trace Sheep, Hi Zinc, Iodine Salt and Garlic Salt. However, we can also request buckets made with ingredients dependant on your specific requirements.

Molamins Mineral Range – a wide selection of mineral blocks designed for various situations that contain high levels of both the major and trace elements in amounts equivalent to many free access mineral powders.

Equine Flexi Range – Dallas Keith’s 12.5 kg Equine Flexi Range contains a full spectrum of all the vital minerals and vitamins along with oil, protected trace elements and protein. Available in Essential, Hoof & Hide, Turmeric, Garlic, Menthol, Herb, Digestion

Pecking Block – Dallas Keith’s 10kg Pecking Block is a nutritious wheat, sunflower and maize block with additional oyster shell to enhance shell quality. As well as providing your birds with vital protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals The Pecking Block enriches the bird’s environment. Providing an area of interest for your flock to help prevent feather pecking and boredom while providing the weaker birds the food they may have missed out on, ensuring complete flock health and help to keep beaks from becoming too sharp.

Dunmor Agri Ltd also provide other Dallas Keith products such as Feed Buckets, Molamins Mineral Buckets, Bio-Mins, Liquid Feed Supplements and Equipment, and Cider Apple Vinegar.

Please contact Colin on 07932 157626 if you have any further questions regarding our Dallas Keith product range.