Dunmor Agri Ltd Country Store

Our Country Store is open Monday to Friday 08:30 – 16:30 and Saturday 09:00 – 14:00 at Unit 10 Gordon Park, Orchardbank Industrial Estate, Forfar.

What’s in the shop?

Dunmor Agri Country Shop has a wide variety of products but please call the shop on 01307 469330 if you have any further questions. 

Dallas Keith Animal Mineral and Feed Supplements

In our shop we stock Dallas Keith cattle and equine SaltLix buckets, Hi Energy Feed Blocks, Molamins Mineral Blocks, Poultry Pecking Blocks and the full Equine Flexi range.

If you would like to learn more about the Dallas Keith range and other products in stock at our country store, click here.

Animal Feed and Feeders

We have an extensive supply of animal feed in our country store, both raw and dry. Items include calf and lamb pellets, various other livestock feeds, a selection of poultry food, rabbit food and dry dog food. We also stock a variety of Natures Menu raw freeflow nuggets and superfood bars.

We also have in stock a variety of animal feeders such as chicken feeders and drinkers and non-leak small animal water bottles.










Grooming Equipment

At Dunmor Agri Ltd Country Store, we have a variety of grooming products. These include shampoos and combs and brushes for cattle, sheep, dogs and horse etc and tick removers. 



We have a wide range of Kilco products in our country store including colostrum, disinfectants, bovigain and covisel. If you would like to learn any more information about Kilco, click here to view.

Personal Protective Equipment

In our shop we stock a variety of PPE pieces such as overalls, footwear, waterproofs, gloves and goggles.


At Dunmor Agri Ltd we supply a large variety of Sparex products, Within our country store, we stock Sparex paints including wet paints, spray paints and crayons.  Sparex also supply an extensive amount of our tractor and trailer parts and specific parts can be ordered on your behalf through Dunmor Agri Ltd.  We also have a large supply of plumbing parts available in store.

Fencing and Accessories

In our country store we stock a selction of Rutland electric fencing products, anything not on the shelf we will do our best to oder it in for you. 

We also have a mixture of fencing materials ranging from heavy duty high tensile to hexagonal netting in the shop.

We also offer the timber for holding up the fences, gate accessories and tools.

Dunmor Agri Country Store has a varied stock of fencing materials however any items can be ordered as per your request. Please contact Colin on 07932 157626 for any further questions.